About Us

Who We Are:

Our chapter was founded in 1917 by Fannie Washington Weeks and is currently the second largest DAR chapter in the District of Columbia (DC), with a diverse membership not only in ages/generations, but in ethnic backgrounds as well.  Of our 110+ members, many are very interested in genealogy, particularly research of Native American, Spanish, Irish and African ancestors who supported the American War of Independence. Others are interested in supporting and giving back to the community or just meeting new people.

The women of this chapter are warm, friendly and very interesting.  Most work full time, many are raising families, and they still find time to be involved with the DAR.  With that said, we also realize that membership in DAR often has a “lifecycle” – in other words, throughout life competing priorities may limit a member’s involvement for periods of time.  We encourage our members to stay connected to our chapter during these times and then come back as time allows – and of course, always enjoy the friendships you make along the way.

When We Meet:

Our chapter meets on the second Saturday of each month in various locations around the DC area. You can find a complete list of our upcoming meetings and other events on our Events Calendar.

What We Do:

Our members are interested in a variety of activities and joined our chapter and the DAR for many different reasons. As a result, our chapter is involved with numerous interesting, important projects. Some of these include caring for our DC Boundary Stones, supporting veterans, and participating in local conservation activities. There are even more opportunities to get involved with activities at the state level. There’s something for everyone!

Our History:

Our chapter namesakes are the great grandfather of America’s founder and the great grandmother of DAR’s founder!

The Colonel John Washington Chapter was named in honor of George Washington’s great grandfather, John who came to the colonies from England.  Katherine Montgomery was a spy, who (it is said) concealed secret messages in her hair and whose fast horse could outrun the British.  She was the great grandmother of Mary Desha, one of the 4 founders of the renowned women’s organization National Society Daughters of the American Revolution.

In 2002, the Katherine Montgomery Chapter merged with Col. John Washington Chapter, resulting the long name Colonel John Washington-Katherine Montgomery Chapter (CJW-KM). You can learn more about our unique and varied history on our Chapter History page.

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