CJW History: 1938-1965


May 1938-1940, Regent: Mrs. Robert William Carroll (Bertha).  Four Chapter members, Mrs. Edward C. Stone, Mrs. Robert Carroll, Mrs. Roy Tinker and Miss Emily Tinker, copied church records from Christ and Grace Episcopal, Churches in Georgetown.  They completed one volume of records and assisted the Genealogical Committee in arranging and typing indexes for three other volumes.

After completing her successful term as Regent, Mrs. Robert Carroll served the DAR in the following offices: State Treasurer, 1944-1946; Senior State Registrar for Children of the American Revolution, 1949-1951; Auditor for the National Society, CAR, 1951-1953; member State Credentials Committee, 1961-1965; Chapter Treasurer, 1957-1967.

1940-1942, Regent: Mrs. Edward C. Stone (Letta).  The Chapter supported all committees with special aid to schools.  In June 1941, members and their families attended a picnic at the summer home of Mr. and Mrs. John McMahon at Blue Ridge Summit.  Six months later, December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor was bombed and the U.S. entered World War II.  After that, members gave many hours to Red Cross, Bundles for Britain, French Refugees and National Defense.  All members purchased Victory Bonds.  Genealogy and local history were not forgotten as members copied vital records of the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church and gave them to the Library.  Social life was changed but not abandoned; the Chapter hosted a garden party in May 1942 at the chapter house to which all state officers, chapter regents and delegates were invited.

1942-1943, Regent: Mrs. Fred Dawson (Florence).  Support for the war effort occupied most of the members in this term.  Many were engaged in some type of support for National Defense.  Member Elizabeth Fitch was an officer in the Army Nurse Corp, and others rolled bandages and did other work for the Red Cross, including giving blood plasma.

1943-1945, Regent: Mrs. Clarence Fisher (Ella).  Chapter members gave 100 percent support for war bonds.  Members continued war work and gave many hours to sewing, knitting, and making surgical dressings for the Red Cross.  The Chapter continued to support all committees as well as schools. Members typed two volumes of the Williard and VanWagen Family records and gave them to the Library.

1945-1947, Regent: Mrs. Albert Marland (Anne).  The chapter continued its patriotic support of the war effort in the Far East and began relief efforts for European war victims.  Members sent food and clothing to a Dutch family who had been held in a German concentration camp.  In this country, special interest and support were given to Junior American Citizens and Girl Homemakers Committees.  The chapter continued supporting schools and all DAR committees.

1947-1979, Regent:  Mrs. Charles Allen (Katherine).  The chapter celebrated its 30th Anniversary with a reception at the Chapter House in October 1947.  State officers, chapter regents and delegates were entertained.  Later, Mrs. Allen served as chairman of the District Room Committee and was Senior National Registrar for the Children of the American Revolution.

1949-1951, Regent: Mrs. Edward Kendig (Adella).  The Chapter gave Bibles and copies of the Gospel of St. John to several schools.  In November members served as hostesses at Woodlawn.  The Chapter hosted a tea in May 1951 for National and State Officers and Chapter Regents.  A history of the Deihl Family was given to the Library.  Mrs. Kendig later served as State Chairman of the Program Committee.

1951-1953, Regent: Miss Grace Standiford.  Members of the chapter gave bandage material to the Cancer Society and 400 hours to Red Cross.  One member gave 200 hours to the Girl Scouts.  Mrs. Edward C. Stone compiled a genealogy of the West family and donated it to the Library.  Mrs. Robert Carroll gave an old Bible containing records of the Hays, Bridges, and Dana Family to the Library. Mr. W.M. Carley gave an Outline of the Hart, Teague, Jetter, and Waldon Families of the South to the Library in memory of his wife, Maude Carley.

1953-1955, Regent: Mrs. Walter Totty (Martha).  On March 9, 1954 the Colonel John Washington Chapter won the State Conference Award for the greatest increase in membership and a Gold Ribbon for the Honor Roll.  In February 1954 the chapter presented an Award of Merit to the Principal of Jefferson Junior High School, Mr. Hugh Stewart Smith.  He spoke on “School Citizenship” at the presentation.  Following the ceremonies, tea was served by hostesses, Mrs. Robert Ainsworth and Mrs. Arthur Rod.  The chapter presented another Award of Merit to Mrs. Henry Grattan Doyle for her outstanding work with young people as Chairman of the Commissioner’s Youth Council of the District of Columbia.  (The Award of Merit was a Citation given through the National Defense Committee by DAR Chapters in recognition for outstanding service to the community be a man or woman.)  Presentation of the award was attended by Miss Lillian Chenoweth, Honorary Vice President General; Miss Faustine Dennis, State Regent; and Mrs. Allen R. Wrenn, State Vice Regent.  Several books were given to the library through the Colonel John Washington Chapter, Mrs. Effie Chatterton gave “Ancestry of Daniel Gardener V. and Mary Hodges Gardener”; Mrs. Parry Borgstrom gave “Magazine of the Society of the Lees of Virginia”; Mrs. Edward C. Stone gave “Seventy-Five Years of Gamma Phi” and “Biographies of the Class of 1904 of Delavan High School, Delavan, Illinois”; J. B. Manifold gave “The Story of Benjamin and Annabel Manifold and Their Environments and Descendants”.  September 23, 1955, Mrs. Robert Ainsworth presented a framed copy of the Constitution to Kensington Elementary School.  On October 9 1955, chapter members met at the home of Mrs. Robert Carroll to honor Mrs. James H. Stansfield who had been a loyal and active chapter member for 50 years as well as serving with distinction in State and National DAR offices.  Chapter Regent, Mrs. Totty, presented Mrs. Stansfield with an Honorary Regent’s Pin on behalf of the chapter.

1955-1957, Regent: Mrs. Wilmuth Bennett (Minnie).  The chapter placed an article in the January issue of the DAR Magazine in honor of Mrs. Stansfield as a 50-year member.  In January 1956, the chapter presented an Award of Merit to Mr. Lee Pennington, Assistant Director of the Americanism Committee of the American Legion.  Mrs. Parry Borgstrom gave five books and a pamphlet on “The Mayflower Descendants” to the Library.  Mrs. Edward C. Stone gave “Historical and Biographical Papers from the Historical Society of Delaware, Vol. 4, 1902”.

1957-1959, Regent: Mrs. Arthur Rod (Helen).  The chapter celebrated its 40th Anniversary in April 1957 with a tea in honor of Mrs. Stansfield.  October 10, 1959 Mrs. Clark Giles presented a picture of “Signing of the Constitution” to James Madison School.

1959-1960, Regent: Mrs. David C. Collier (Clytie).  Membership grew to 83 members and the chapter was awarded the Silver Ribbon on the Honor Roll.  January 9, 1960 Mr. and Mrs. Parry Borgstrom donated a collection of 18 Historical and Genealogical books and magazines to the Library.  Members worked 1468 hours for Red Cross and other community projects.  A film, “Alaska Our 49th State” was shown at the meeting on May 11, 1959.  Two Good Citizenship Medals were presented to two pupils of Alice Deal Junior High School by Mrs. Arthur C. Smith, Jr.  The chapter continued to make donations to Tamassee and Kate Duncan Smith DAR Schools.

1960-1961, Regent: Mrs. Arthur Rod (Helen).  The chapter supported all committees as well as the DAR Schools.  Five members went on a tour to Williamsburg,.  Tours were planned for Anderson House and Valley Forge.  Miss Lillian Chenoweth, Honorary Vice President General, was guest of honor at the December 10, 1960 meeting.  She paid tribute to two past Presidents General, recently deceased: Mrs. Pouch and Mrs. Magna.  The Honorable Sigurd Anderson, former Governor of South Dakota, gave an inspirational speech on National Defense and national values at the October 16, 1961 meeting.  Among committee chairmen making their reports, Mrs. Rosalind Barton reported for the Pages Committee.

1961-1963. Regent: Mrs. Paul McDole (Virginia).  The chapter supported all committees and won the Gold Ribbon from the Honor Roll.  Our guest speaker, Miss Faustine Dennis, Honorary State Regent, on January 13, 1962 spoke about the DAR’s Tamassee School, an interest close to her heart.  Captain Franklin Mason donated “Chart of the Family of Samson Mason of Massachusetts” to the Library through the Colonel John Washington Chapter.  Other gifts to the library by Chapter members were “Darby Genealogy, Ancestors and Descendants of Joseph Darby” given by Mrs. McIrvin Goodspeed and Frank E. Edgerton’s “History of the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church, Washington, DC, 1803-1961” given by Mrs. Edward C. Stone.

1963-1965, Regent: Mrs. Melvin H. Peck, Sr. (Louise).  The Chapter supported all committees and received a silver ribbon and an Honorable Mention from the Honor Roll.  Mrs. Peck, State Chairman for the Program Equipment Committee, wrote an inspiring article in praise of our Constitution for Constitution Week, which appeared in the Courier of Prince Georges County and the Nations Capital and a church newsletter which was sent to 350 members.  Mrs. Rosalind Barton, Delegate to the State and National Congresses, reported that Colonel John Washington Chapter won two awards: one for the most new members and another for sending funds for six scholarships to DAR sponsored schools.  She also reported on a forum presented by the President General, Mrs. Robert Duncan, who reminded members that the Society is no-political and urged all members to familiarize themselves with the DAR story and its three-fold purposes: Historic preservation and the promotion of education and patriotic endeavor.  The National Congress concluded on Friday, April 30, 1965, with a tour of the White House, courtesy of the First Lady, Mrs. Lyndon Johnson.


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