Women’s Issues

We are Honoring our Heritage, Focusing on the Future and Celebrating America as we examine today’s issues among women and Celebrate the Spirit of America’s Women. Women’s Issues is divided into three sections or categories; (1) Health Issues, (2) Career Issues, and (3) Family Issues.

Each chapter is encouraged to have at least one program per year concerning one of the categories listed above. Giving a spot announcement as a committee report at each chapter meeting should help bring awareness to these important issues.

A Women’s Issue moment at each chapter meeting using short biographies of local and national American women who have made difference will help to bring the celebration of America’s Women to each chapter.
This committee encourages chapter to share important information affecting the well being of women.

If you are interested in coordinating this project for the CJW-KM Chapter, please contact the chapter regent, Yvonne Liser.


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Last Updated: April 3, 2013